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United Nations (UN) Common System

Q: What is the UN Common System?
A: The common system represents common standards, methods and arrangements being applied to salaries, allowances and benefits for the staff of the United Nations, those specialized agencies which have entered into a relationship with the United Nations, the International Atomic Agency and a number of other international organizations. The common system is designed to avoid serious discrepancies in terms and conditions of employment, to avoid competition in recruitment of personnel and to facilitate the interchange of personnel.

Q: What are the salaries for the UN Common System?
A: The full remuneration schema, including salaries and pensionable remuneration can be consulted at:


Q: What is the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC)?
A: ICSC was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1974 to regulate and coordinate the conditions of service of the United Nations common system. The Commission is composed of 15 members appointed by the General Assembly in their personal capacity. The Commission's mandate covers all facets of staff employment conditions, but the type of action it is empowered to take in a specific area is regulated under its statue. The Commission itself may take decisions on matters such as establishment of daily subsistence allowance; schedules of post adjustment (cost-of-living element, hardship entitlements). On the other hand, in areas including Professional salary scales, the level of dependency allowances and education grant, it only makes recommendations to the General Assembly which then acts as the legislator for the rest of the common system.

Q: What is ICSC's JobNet web site?
A: ICSC embarked on the task of concentrating all those job positions available coming from the different organizations who adhere to ICSC's guidelines. Hence, a very central, convenient location has been developed to show all positions available.

Q: What organizations are considered Common System Members?
A: The system comprises the United Nations, its affiliated programmes, thirteen specialized agencies, and one organization with a special status under the ICSC statute. The World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (also known as the Bretton Woods institutions) are not part of the common system.
To view a list of the organizations use the following link:

Looking and applying for a job

Q: How can I search for a job using ICSC's JobNet web site?
A: Go to and you will be able to see all the positions available from the different organizations. Simply click on the Title to see the full position information. Also, you have the possibility to filter the information by organization, Duty Station, Title, Level, Deadline and Job Family.

Q: How do I use the advanced filter?
A: You need to click on the “Create Advanced Filter(s)” link on the bottom left of ICSC’s JobNet page. Then add the column to filter by (available columns: organization, Duty Station, Title, Level, Deadline and Job Family) and then enter a value to complete the filter. Finally click on OK.

Q: How can I apply for a job?
A: By ICSC's JobNet web page, look for a particular position and click on the Title link. You will be then taken to the full position advertisement. Depending on the organization, you will have one of several options on how to apply:
- You might see an "Apply Now" button
- You might need to send your resume/cover letter to an email address
- Some offer the possibility of sending your resume/cover letter by fax

In most cases, you might be asked to create a profile with all your personal and professional information before applying for a job.
Please see the detailed instructions for every organization as the application procedure may vary.

Q: Can I apply for a job through the ICSC jobs site?
A: No. ICSC only advertises the job information from different organizations and the application process is governed by each of them. So when you click on a link to view a job description you will be taken to a different web site, for which we have no control over it and you are bound to follow the application procedure pertainint to that organization.

Q: I get an error when applying for a job.
A: We suggest you get in touch directly with the organization of your interest. They normally have a "Contact us" link or a feedback form.

Q: Can I send my resume/cover letter using the "Send us feedback" link on ICSC web site?
A: No. The main purpose of this link is to receive comments and suggestions about the use of this platform. We kindly ask you not to send any personal or professional information through it.

Q: I have problems creating or accessing my profile.
A: As we don't have control over other organization's web sites, we encourage you to contact them directly.

Q: Where can I see which organizations I can apply for?
A: While there are countless organizations around the world, ICSC advertises available positions only from the UN Common System, which can be found at:

Q: Can I look for positions by posting date?
A: Since we depend on the information provided from other organizations regarding the jobs information, some of them do not publish the posting date, hence we are unable to publish it as part of the job advertisement.

Q: Why there are more (or less) jobs advertised from day to day?
A: All the organizations open and close job positions everyday. We simply reflect all that information.

Q: I would like to receive an email with the newest positions available. Does the site offer subscription services?
A: ICSC is currently evaluating this possibility. Keep coming back to the site for more updates.

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